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横幅展是一个展示,通过它你可以免费观看所有横幅都放在所有用户。 每个用户都可以把所有的横幅,他希望,当他想,系统的实时性,使得它可以通过应用程序,从最近的旗帜是有序的历史最悠久,负荷为5至5,直到用户需要。 横幅陪同下,除了图像识别号,标题,文本消息和一个网站链接。 每个用户都有权利2横幅免费发布BannerShow,未来的横幅是购买包中,以非常低的成本。 所有的广告将永远是发布到所有用户在任何时候都被视为,每个用户都有一个保留的应用领域在哪里存储所有的横额自己公布的。 显示旗帜的面积,您可以在其中存储的最爱横幅,通过该系统,您可以修改他们没有搜索时间。 横幅显示提供了机会,使通过其独特的标识符直接旗帜搜索。 包容的一面旗帜,是非常简单的,只需要插入一个标题,一个消息(可选),一个网站链接(可选)和切出的图像从您的相册,作物只需选择您所在地区的?的兴趣和按作物按钮,就可以按“撤消”按钮,返回到原始图像。 要查看细节的一面旗帜,只需选择你是滚动的列表,并在显示屏上出现的地区,横幅的图像,识别码,标题,消息和一个按钮连接到网络的链接。 Banner Show is a showcase through which you can free viewing all banners placed by all its users. Each user can place all the banners he wants and when he wants, the system in real time makes it available through the application, the banners are ordered from the most recent to the oldest and loads of 5 to 5 until the user wants. The banners are accompanied, besides the image, by an identification number, by a title, by text of a message and by a web link. Each user has the right to publish BannerShow up to 2 banners free, next banners are available for purchase in packages at very low cost. All banners will always be available and published to be viewed by all users at all times, and each user has a reserved application area where are stored all the banners published by himself. Show banner has an area where you can store Favorites Banner, with this system you can revise them without search time by time. Banner Show provides the opportunity to make a direct banner search through its unique identifier. The inclusion of a banner is very simple, just insert a Title, a message (optional), a web link (optional) and cut out an image from your album, the crop is simply selecting your area of interest and pressing the Crop Button, you can return to the original image by pressing the Undo Button. To see the details of a banner, simply select the list that you are scrolling and on the display appears an area with the Banner's image, the identification code, the title, the message and a button to connect to web link.[1]